A completely new creative metal sign, metal art or powder coating from Fat Cat

Custom Metal Art & Powder Coating

Custom Metal Art & Powder Coating
A Division of Metal Depot, Inc - Texas


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    Art & Powder Coating

    We use a 6' x 12' CNC Plasma Cutter to cut our metal art. Our "standard" product line is cut from 12 gauge steel.

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    Art & Powder Coating

    Our powder coating booth is 10' x 20'. We stock over 50 colors of powder and use a state-of-the-art Wagner powder gun to apply the powder.

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    Art & Powder Coating

    Large objects can be cured in our 8' x 20' powder coating oven.

Custom Made in Texas - Fat Cat Designs

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Shop our popular standard designs or let us custom create yours today. We can change the size or color or start from scratch with a fresh new design. Contact us for more information.

Family Cross Texas metal art, custom metal art, religious metal art, crosses, family,
Family Cross
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How it Works.

Take Fire and Steel and Powder....

We start with a design, yours or ours, and send it to a CNC plasma cutter that cuts it from 12 gauge steel. It is then polished, blasted and treated with an eco-friendly chemical that improves the steel's powder adhesion and corrosion resistance.

After the prep work is done, the powder is applied in one or more of over 60 stock colors of powder. Then it is cured in a 385 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. After the cool-down period, the end result is a very tough and durable finish on a custom piece of metal art, fabricated steel, auto or boat part, etc.